1,500 Families Flee Homes in Ongoing War in Daikundi

Neli (BNA) The ongoing war in Patoi Daikundi district has caused more than 1,500 families to flee their homes.

According to BNA, as a result of the clashes, more than 1,500 families from Sartgab, Sohur, Biri, Tamzan and Wagir villages of Patoi district of Daikundi province have fled their homes and displaced to Kisavi village of Kati, Pato district center and Nili city, the capital of the province.

Spokesman for Daikundi governor said the local government has set up a committee to distribute aid after the survey to those families.

Pato is an insecure district in Daikundi where the Taliban occasionally created insecurity, but this time they have demolished houses, set fire to civilian property and displaced people from their homes.

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