2 Taliban commanders arrested in Afghanistan


Friday, November 16, 2012

Kabul (BNAS) 2 local commanders of Taliban were arrested in a military operation of Afghan- and NATO forces in Afghanistan. The identity of these commanders had not clear but they were arrested while organizing of terrorist attacks in the vicinities of Kandahar and Helmand province.  BNA quoting from NATO press statement, these commanders had leadership of several terrorist attacks of Taliban group in their regions.  It is said that in this operation 15 other militias attributed to these commanders with their arms were arrested as well.  Meanwhile NATO said they discovered and neutralized a planted bomb in Kandahar province this bomb was placed in crowded areas of this province and was neutralized by police.  According to another report, two Taliban attackers were killed in Ghazni province.  These attackers targeted by Afghan and NATO forces while they attacked on a security post in that province. 

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