22nd Martyrdom Anniversary of Dr. Najibullah Marked in Kabul

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) 22nd martyrdom anniversary of Dr. Najibullah was commemorated in Kabul.  Nearly twenty two years ago, Dr. Najibullah, who was in UN office in Kabul, was martyred by Taliban soon after they stormed in Kabul.
In a ceremony held yesterday on this occasion, head of Dr. Najibullah Foundation Shirullah Jabarkhail said: “Dr. Najibullah was a man who had put intra Afghani understanding or national reconciliation policy as base of thought and act of Hezb-e-Watan government.
According to Jabarkahil, 22 year ago, Dr. Najibullah and his brother Ahmadzai were made out of the UN office in Kabul and executed in Ariana square of the city, adding that Pakistani elements had active role in martyrdom of Dr. Najibullah.
In the ceremony, speakers spoke related to personality, policy and works of Dr. Najibullah.

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