60 Killed, Over 180 Missing as Flash Floods Destroy Village Nooristan

Kabul (BNA) At least 60 people were killed and over 180 other missing after a flash flood tore through a village in eastern Afghanistan late Wednesday night, Afghan officials said.

The deluge swept away most of the village in the Nooristan Province, destroying around 200 homes, and caught most residents off guard because they were sleeping. By Thursday night, villagers had recovered around 60 bodies but as the search continues, local officials expect the death toll to surpass 200, according to provincial governor office.

“The area is under Taliban control, if the Taliban allow us, we will take aid to the area,” said Hafiz Abdul Qayum, the governor of Nooristan Province.

Floods in northern and eastern Afghanistan are not uncommon this time of year. In August last year, flooding in Charikar, a city on the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains, in northern Afghanistan, killed at least 92 people and injured 108 others.

But the flash flood in Nooristan comes as extreme weather has taken a grim toll around the world this summer and scientists warn that warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is changing the climate. Heavy rainfall is a visible sign of that change, they say, because a warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture producing more powerful rain.

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