Abdullah Vows To Defend “Freedom of Expression “

Saturday, December 27, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive (CE) of the government, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah expressed his support to the freedom of expression and stated that the government would check violence against journalists and media outlets.
He made the remarks in meeting with a delegation of media outlets composed of editor-in-chiefs and officials from entities defending freedom of expression in his office here the other day. .
“Freedom of expression is the great achievement of the country over the past 13 years achieved by rendering sacrifices of the lives of journalists in worst security conditions,” Dr. Abdullah added.
During the meeting matters pertaining freedom of expression, working condition for journalists and improving condition for private media outlets were discussed. Media outlets’ representatives briefed the chief executive about the problems facing the journalists.
In the meeting, the activity of “Commission of Complaints and Reviewing Press Violations” had been termed as illegal which backed by the chief executive who said, “I also believe that the illegitimacy of the commission is the main obstacle on the way of the activities of journalists and media outlets”, saying in coordination with the president, he would revoke the commission. Emphasizing for implementing the “Law on Access to Information” the chief executive said fulfilling the law would promote freedom of expression in the country. Lack of the law on employing journalists by private media was also discussed in the meeting and the chief executive said that the ministry of information & culture in harmony with justice ministry has to cooperate in this regard with concerned bodies.

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