Acting of Information and Culture of Herat meet with General Consul of Iran in Herat

Heart (BNA) Mawlana Naeem Al-Haq Haqqani, Acting of Herat Culture Information Department, met with the General Consul of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Heart yesterday.

According to BNA, Mawlana Naeem al-Haq Haqqani, acting of Herat’s cultural intelligence department, described the Islamic Republic of Iran as a co-speaking country with a common culture, adding that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls for respect for neighborly rights and friendly relations in accordance with diplomatic law.

Sediqifar, General Consul of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Herat, referring to the religious and cultural commonalities of the two countries, said, the cultural and social activities of this country will be within the framework of the laws and regulations of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to cooperate in the fields of launching educational programs, increasing the capacity of young people with new technology in Herat.


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