Afghanistan Tribes’ Coordination Council Problems To Be Tackled

Saturday, June 02, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The council is composed of tribes of the country in its meeting with Khalili shared some of their difficulties and proposles and asked the leadership of the government of Afghanistan to focus attention towards addressing their problems.
This popular foundation has been established six years ago with the aim to consolidate unity among the tribes, ensuring of peace and stability and social development.
The council wants amendment of the administrative units on the basis of unit standards and says that no common approach exists in this respect in the country.
Acceleration of the reconstruction of Salama Dam, building of Herat-Cheghcharan and Cheghcharan-Maidan highway were other issues shared by this council with the second vice president.
Khalili praised the efforts of this council towards bringing about of unity, ensuring of peace and he called it an omen of hope for the people of Afghanistan.
As regards the amendment to the administrative units Khalili said that this is a priority of the government and with the approval of the basic structure law of the government by the parliament this problems will be resolved.
He added that the government is decisive in the struggle corruption and administrative reforms.

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