ANSF Ready To Halter Taliban Attacks, Officials

Sunday April 17, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Simultaneous with proclamation of onset of spring operations by Taliban, the ministries of defense and interior say: the security forces of Afghanistan have completely readiness to halter the attacks of enemy.
The spokesman of ministry of national defense, Gen. Daulat Waziri said: proclamation of spring operations by Taliban is not a fresh issue, because, the armed Taliban never refrained from war in Afghanistan. But, the Afghan national security forces (ANSF) would stand against this group. The former have completely readiness to halter the Taliban attacks. Gen. Waziri adds: as you are aware, our programs continue normally, those who disturb security in Afghanistan, kill people and plant road side mines, they never express their readiness for peace. They are the enemies of Afghanistan. The armed forces of Afghanistan surrender them to the law or suppress them. At the same time, the authorities of ministry of interior say: proclamation of spring operations by Taliban is an empty propagation and such propagations are continuing since long years.
The spokesman of ministry of interior Seddiq Seddiqi in the connection told media that to create barbarism and harass among people, Taliban kill our innocent people. They want through such propagations to cover their past years’ defeats. But, they should know the ANSF have the capability to halter the attacks of opponents. The spokesman of ministry of interior added, the Shafaq Operations was one of current year’s greatest operations launched for suppression of terrorists and enemies of people of Afghanistan. Seddiqi further added, the aims of these operations were targeting of leaders of Taliban and this group would sustain heavy losses within current year. Last Tuesday, with the release of a statement, Taliban reported about onset of Spring Operation in Afghanistan under the name of “Omeri”. Previously, some American authorities and the UN special envoy for Afghanistan also have asserted that like last year, 2016 would also be a year full of challenges for Afghanistan. Last year too, the armed Taliban have launched operations under the name of “Azm” in Afghanistan that in the course of this operation, some districts and even Kunduz city were fallen down temporarily at the hand of Taliban. But, in short time, the ANSF did to recapture this province again.
Despite the government of Afghanistan speaks about readiness for repulsing of Taliban attacks, simultaneous with this, the same also didn’t stop its efforts for maintaining peace. The leaders of government say: they would not spare from any effort for bringing peace in the country.
At the same time, members of parliament believe now, Taliban has lost their capability and wanted through empty propagations to create harass among the people. These representatives lay emphasize in a strong coordination, the security forces should be ready for repulsing of every attack of enemy. On the other, a MP, Khalid Pashtun doesn’t refute the possible increment of insecurities in current year and at the same time, hinting to differences among Taliban, he says” this issue would face the activities of Taliban with slowness. So, I think, for enhancement of morale of Taliban, they launch some operations in various names and through this, they want to show their power. Khalid adds: the indirect contact of Taliban leaders in connection with peace process shows that the leaders of this group have no trust on each other and this disunity causes they to fun propagation.
At the same time, a number of witnesses also say: now Taliban lost the capability of fighting with security forces of Afghanistan. Because, existence of Daesh group in a number of countries causes, some dispersions be created among this group and some of them to join Daesh. A political, military witness, Amir Mohammad is also agreed with ministry of defense of Afghanistan that proclamation of new spring operations by Taliban is not a fresh assertion. They time and again published through media some reports, because, they have no capability to fight face to face with Afghan security forces. But, he adds: beside some other groups like Daesh in Afghanistan wanted to expand their activities. According to him, it is possible with increment of activities of these groups war would get exacerbated in Afghanistan. This is in a time that now, comparing previous years, the security forces of Afghanistan were equipped with modern weapons and recently the US laid several pilotless air crafts at the disposal of military forces of Afghanistan that can be useful for haltering of the attacks of enemy.
Suraya Raiszada

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