ARC Take Responsibility of Paying Healthcare Workers Salary in Jawzjan

Kabul )BNA( Afghan Red Crescent (ARC) paying salary of healthcare workers in northern Jawzjan province, as well the organization started supplying medicine and equipping the hospital with medical devices in central hospital of Jawzjan province.

Since the collapse of past government, the economic crisis merging day to day due to cutoff of international aids and paying health worker’s salary is a challenge and a lot of hospital closed in due lack of financial support.

But as series of aids surging daily with new start of Islamic rule, many of these hospitals reopened and equipped with medical facilitates.

Dr. Abdul Ghani Samimi, head of Jawzjan public hospital told BNA, in cooperation with Afghan Red Crescent in reequipping the hospital with medical facilitates and paying salaries of healthcare workers the hospital is new in recovery in providing services for patients, he added they are working to reopen more medical centers especially in districts with help of Islamic Emirate and aid agencies.

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