Arg Rejects WJ’s Assertions on Bakhtar Treasury

Kabul (BNA) The Presidential Palace on Wednesday rejected an assertion from the Wolesi Jirga (House of People) that the Bakhtar Treasury was not safe and should be taken to a next country.

“This is a matter of regret that the House of People states about allegedly unsafe Bakhtar Treasury and proposes that it should be transferred to another country,” the Palace said in a statement.

The statement said that the treasury was the great capital of the people of Afghanistan that remained safe and incant act during the ups and downs of history while other capitals have been looted.

“The government of Afghanistan is not only committed in protection of the treasury but has also exhibited in other world countries several times, gaining high revenue to the government treasury,” the statement added. The statement added that the treasury was the property of the people of Afghanistan and the government of Afghanistan including the country’s security and defense forces will spare no effort in its protection.

“Any suggestion to take the treasury in next country is irresponsible and against the high national interests.”

The government of Afghanistan asks the country’s House of People speaker and members of the house to responsibly remark about the national issues in order not to disturb the national minds.

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