Banknotes Wearing Away, Exhausting Users

Thursday February 9, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Following the people complains on obliteration of Afghani banknotes, Da Afghanistan Bank announced that its ready to exchange the old banknotes with new one without additional expenditures.
In a newsletter published by Da Afghanistan Bank and sent to media, it was said that in order to better protect Afghan currency, all banknotes on which paintings have taken place or their appearance has changed, will be exchanged. According to Da Afghanistan Bank, the citizens can report to nearest city branches and replace their obliterated banknotes with above specifications until the end of Hoot month of current solar year. The newsletter added that since the first of Hamal 1396 these obliterated banknotes will absolutely not be valid in Bazaar and it’s upon Afghan nationals to protect our currency. Recently people have complained that due to increasing obliterated banknotes in Bazaar, they face serious problems during transaction. According to people shopkeepers refuse to take these banknotes in one hand and tellers purchase them against low prices. Saifuddin Saihoon a lecturer of economics Kabul University said, “In all countries, banknotes indicated identity of a country, but unfortunately, in Afghanistan number of our people are not acquainted with banknotes protection culture.
The people awareness level should be improve on this issue. Today most of transactions in Afghanistan a take place with old and obliterate banknotes that created serious problems to people.  Appreciating the statement of the central bank, he expressed hope that the bank would manage to collect all the old banknotes as soon as possible. Ahmad Jan a resident of Kabul said, “During shopping, the shopkeepers gave me old banknotes when I wanted to make the last shopping, shopkeepers refused to take old banknotes. Roya a female resident of Kabul said, “Majority of women protect money better and keep it in their special wallets to prevent its obliteration. But shopkeepers and drivers give us old banknotes that are totally invalid. Cashiers saying that people never invite attention for protection of money and banknotes that has caused the Afghan currency to obliterate quickly and devalued. Mohammad Yasin a food supplier said, “People focus no attention in protection of money. People are poor and don’t know how to protect money. Today obliterated currencies are exchanged in all markets among shopkeepers and customers in Kabul and provinces. Da Afghanistan Bank should focus on the quality of new banknotes, as US Dollar never obliterate due to high quality paper.
Shukria Kohistani

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