“Britain shall continue her assistance to Afghanistan after 2014: British DFM

Kabul (BNA) Deputy British Foreign Minister Alister Birth for Afghanistan addressing a press conference said that Britain will have no combat troops in Afghanistan after 2014 while some military personnel number of which is not yet known will remain for training of Afghan security foundations.  He added that specifying of date for withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan is a regretful issue as Afghanistan will face some challenges and this of course is an opportunity for the people of Afghanistan to shoulder the responsibility of their country.  One of the challenges he noted is massive corruption and added that corruption has weakened all abilities of the government of Afghanistan in overcoming the challenges and this issue should understood and measures should be taken in this respect.  He emphasized that the international community especially Britain after 2014 is loyal towards its commitments to Afghanistan and shall cooperate with her in difference spheres, stressing further that assistance of the international community after 2014 shall be expended in different areas of need for Afghanistan.  He added that we with the cooperation of international community will strive to convince the neighbors of Afghanistan that restoration of security in Afghanistan is to the benefit of them and for this very reason we should convince the Taliban to join the peace process, as violence is not the solution and problems should be resolved through talks and negotiations.  Britain is one of the big donor countries to Afghanistan and in the past ten years has expended USD2.5 billion in different spheres in Afghanistan and over nine thousand British soldiers are present here.

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