Cancer Incidents Increase In Afghanistan

Sunday, February, 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) 4TH Feb coinciding with World Day of Cancer Diseases.
The day is commemorated in the world at the time that 600,000 people monthly die due to cancer disease around the world according to WHO.
It is said number of death due to the cancer is not yet clear.
According to Dr. Sourya Dalil, acting minister of public health, Afghan ministry of public health in the light of its priorities has focused on reduction of child and mother mortality and other diseases and invested in these sectors in the past few years.
On the other hand, donor countries still haven’t gotten ready for prevention and treatment of cancer diseases in Afghanistan due to high cost.
Dr. Sourya Dalil said, Eight months ago, a department was established at the ministry to cover diseases of cancer, hearth and sugar, adding the department is working to set up an effective working program for addressing the diseases and we are trying to achieve the goals through absorption of assistance of donor countries, or national income of the country.
Acting minister of public health further said that diagnosis of the cancer diseases are not simple if diagnosed at the beginning, its treatment is possible at some extent.

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