Chief Executive Deputy Congratulates Afghanistan Independence Day

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Kabul (BNA) Eng. Mohammad Khan, Chief Executive First Deputy has congratulated in a message 96th anniversary of the country’s Independence Day to the nation.
In the message, Eng. Mohammad Khan said. “96 years ago, Afghan brave nation for the first time demolished the eastern wall of the time’s great empire, took their freedom from British colonialism and paved the way of freedom for other nations. Afghan brave people are eligible to honor on their past bright history. I believe that Afghan brave people by having extra-ordinary history and experiences have better and sinister designs. The country’s geographic location and particular history have always chosen as shield against ominous plans of colonialists our past magnificence and history needs us to bravely protect it, therefore, it is needed that the vision of unity should be strengthened among all tribes of the country in order to respond all challenges and threats with full unity and one hand.”
In his message, chief executive deputy said the country’s Independence Day conveyed the message of the freedom good feeling and the message of protecting the independence.

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