China: US Must Unfreeze Afghanistan Assets

Kabul (BNA) China claim US is the true culprit behind current economy crisis in Afghanistan and must accept his responsibility towards the country. Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of foreign ministry of China said in response to reporters on his regular press conference, US troops withdrawn from Afghanistan after 20 years of military occupation, but cannot ignore current chaos which bring economy crisis to the people of Afghanistan, US must assume its due international responsibility, release unilateral sanctions that make things worse for Afghanistan’s economy and livelihood, unfreeze Afghanistan assets and strive to undo the damage it inflicted on the Afghan people with concrete actions, instead of rubbing salt in their wounds. Meanwhile, Mawlavi Abdul Ghani Baradar Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said on 7 January that the recent snowfall and rain had worsened the plight of the Afghan people who lack food and warm clothes, calling for global humanitarian aid without political bias. He also stressed that sanctions on Afghanistan are cruel and economic sanctions imposed by the US pose a grave challenge to his country.

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