Tuesday August 23, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan in regional cooperation and relation is facing two incomparable intensions and aspirations, first, the Afghan traditional friends who think and help for restoring peace and stability in the country and the other is a country that just thinks and helps to further damage, destabilize and promote war in Afghanistan.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes president Ghani while the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi contacted via video conference inaugurated Storay Palace of foreign ministry after rehabilitation. Reconstruction of the Palace is an example of friendly diplomatic cooperation in the region, which has carried out with financial and technical assistance of India. Within the current year, this is the second big constructional project in Afghanistan that has constructed with the cooperation of friendly country India and put in to exploitation.
Some time ago, the leaders of the two countries inaugurated Salma Dam considered the biggest economical project in Afghanistan. The reconstruction of Storay Palace is not only the example Afghan–India friendship, but it also can be an example of Afghan diplomacy in the region. It should mention that the Palace was the scene where the establishment of Indian transitional government agreed before obtaining the independence of that country. India has built the biggest infrastructural projects in economic, agriculture, transportation, and capacity building sectors. The Indian cooperation to Afghanistan has old history when regional tensions were not acute and Afghanistan was not sustaining any crisis. Therefore, it is a clear fact that India is seeking to reconstruction and prosperity of Afghanistan not following any evil objective in Afghanistan and in the region.
What have the Indians done in Afghanistan so far is an example of commitment, coordination and cooperation in the region and proofs that India is seeking the progress and property of Afghanistan not destruction of the country. While there are countries instead of cooperation, in rivalry with India and Afghanistan seeking their interests in creating tension in the region, based on above facts the Afghans are facing two ways of thinking that are not comparable, India thinks about bringing peace and stability in to Afghanistan but our long lasting enemy invests on prolongation of war, destruction and further deepening the crisis in the country.
The message of Afghan people to the conspirators is clear that is, the countries that have not the capacity and capability to take part and cooperate in reconstruction of Afghanistan, should at least desist from conspiracies for killing our innocent people and damaging the infrastructures of our country.  They should not test the patience of our people any more. The Afghans as rightful people are seeking to find good and true friends in the region.The statement by Indian prime minister who says one billion and two hundred million Indians are behind Afghans can leads us out from the existing problems and prove that our traditional friends are firmly standing behind us as before. The statement of president Ghani is of great importance, who says, “Afghanistan and India have made a decision to work on development of nations, this is to value good will and take firm steps toward building the future of the region.” 

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