Kabul (BNA) The Second Deputy Prime Minister called on international organizations to distribute humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in coordination with the Islamic Emirate.

The commentator of BNA writes,  with the dominance of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the international community and the countries that supported the former regime stopped their aid completely, and in addition, sanctions were imposed on the Islamic Emirate and Afghanistan’s assets were frozen.

This increased the pressure on Afghanistan’s troubled economy. Even before the Islamic Emirate came to power, the former government faced serious economic problems unless most of its budget was funded by the United States and its international partners, which is not the case today.

The economic situation in Afghanistan has become alarming with the cessation of foreign aid, the boycott and freezing of Afghanistan’s assets, and the pursuit of a solution to isolate the Islamic Emirate, which is being considered by a few restricted countries.

The United Nations and other international organizations have worked to help the Afghan people, and so far there has been a lot of assistance to Afghanistan and there are commitments to help more.


The only thing that can be a concern is how these aids are delivered and distributed.

In the past, the international community, both during the regulatory wars and later during the presence of foreign forces, in the name of rebuilding Afghanistan, provided abundant assistance to this country, but no major work was done and the beneficiaries were deprived of such assistance.

The problem was that the international institutions, through NGOs and institutions, carried out their assistance and programs, while the NGOs and institutions were accountable to any official institution in Afghanistan, the United Nations and even donor countries, they did not, and this meant that most of the aid that was given in the name of the people of Afghanistan did not reach the deserving and was a pity.

The United Nations is expected to provide its new assistance to Afghanistan through regular and experienced Afghan government agencies, taking into account its experience and the work of a number of institutions and NGOs, Coordinate the Islamic Emirate.

Second Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi has called on international organizations to distribute humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in coordination with the Islamic Emirate.


He wants to deliver humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in a transparent manner to needy families.

The Ministry of Economy, which has decades of experience working with NGOs, is preparing to coordinate the work of non-governmental organizations. The Ministry has announced the establishment of three committees throughout Afghanistan to provide humanitarian assistance to needy families, to help the international community reach the needy in a better and more reasonable way.

If the international community is to work with the Afghan people and overcome the current problems in the country, they must decide to help the government through the provision of essential services such as health care, education and the financial system.

Coordination and cooperation with the Afghan government is both effective and low-cost. With such measures, better work can be done, otherwise what has been donated in the name of the Afghan people by the international community will save the pockets of a few opportunists. It will increase and poverty will continue to exist in Afghanistan.

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