Coordination, Reforms Important To Ensure Better Security

Saturday May 6, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Security situation in Afghanistan will be challenging and concerning during the current year.
Taliban and all other terrorist groups will make effort to achieve new opportunities and expand their control areas in the country. So, the only way that could be effective for maintaining security across the country is to create further coordination between security organs and reforms in security system. Launching suicide attack on government centers and key military bases can be part of new and serious tactics of terrorist groups in current year. Targeting Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital and 209th Shaheen Corp which have left heavy casualties is clearly showing that terrorist groups will make further use of such tactics for killing more security forces’ personnel in future. Besides that suicide attacks result in casualties and destruction of military bases, they also cause damaging trust of the people on security organs. The main goal in which enemies of peace and stability follow is to create doubt between the people and government.
Despite of bewilderments and uncertainties in security diplomacy in the past few years, Afghan defense and security forces are bravely defend the country and people of Afghanistan and have shown their merit and capabilities which are widely supported by the people and have resulted in strengthening of trust between the people and security forces. So, for prevention of such suicide attacks, enhancement of trust between the people and security forces and spoiling plots made by enemies of peace and stability, the government of Afghanistan should adopt precession and effective measures which are continued reforms and changes in security organs. Corruption and speediness in appointments and structures of security forces are two phenomena which have harmed appointment and promotion process and paved facility to enemies in order to infiltrate security organs as monitoring and controlling system in security organs are weak and incapable to identify those who are cooperating with armed opponent groups; therefore, the government is needed to take serious steps in this regard.
National defense and security forces should be national and professional and trust in national interests and values as clarified in Afghanistan laws.
It is important that principle of meritocracy and commitment should be considered in appointment and promotion process of security forces; moreover the principle of rewards and punishments should be also considered in all government organs in particular security institutions, which have not been paid much attention so far. Changing and sacking of individuals is an ordinary process in administrative system, but the process should be followed in framework of law which can result in increasing of capabilities of organs and addressing current weaknesses and problems.
It is hoped that recent visits of US officials to Afghanistan will help increase effectiveness of Afghan security organs in war on terrorism, prevent infiltration of terrorist groups in security organs and accelerate reforms process in all security organs; so, officials who have been recently appointed for management of war in Afghanistan to have precision programs for surpassing enemies and spoiling their plots and plans because lack of coordination will result in further insecurities and continued war in the country. Close cooperation and coordination between security organs can help maintain security and stability in the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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