Criminal Crimes Decreased in Kunduz

Kunduz (BNA) Security officials in Kunduz province are talking about reducing crime in that province.

With the rule of the Islamic Emirate system in the country, security has been mined, criminal crimes have been reduced and the citizens of Kunduz support the Islamic Emirate system in order to ensure the security of their lives and property.

In an interview with BNA, Dost Mohammad Obaida, Security Officer of Kunduz Police Headquarters, spoke about the full readiness of the Mujahideen forces of the Islamic Emirate against any threats and assured the citizens of Kunduz province that they will deal seriously with the criminals.

He added that although the number of criminals in Kunduz has decreased, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in the  province are working day and night to significantly reduce criminal offenses in order to provide better security for the lives and property of the citizens of Kunduz.


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