Crossing Border Between Afghanistan and Pakistan Reopened

Kandahar (BNA) The crossing border between Afghanistan and Pakistan has reopened to trade caravans and travelers yesterday.

BNA local correspondent in Kandahar reported that the crossing border opened yesterday morning.

Afghanistan’s crossings with Pakistan, especially Chaman and Torkham, have been more closed in the last two months or so since the new Afghan government took office, this has left thousands of tons of agricultural products, including Afghan vegetables and fruits, waiting to be exported to Pakistan, and more farmers have been forced to sell their products at low prices in the domestic market due to the inability to export.

On the other hand, the closure of Afghanistan’s crossings with Pakistan in the last two months has caused tens of thousands of Afghans, most of them sick, to spend the day and night, even on the roads, hoping to go to Pakistani hospitals.

An official of Chaman Commissioner told BNA that the crossing was reopened to passengers and commercial caravans following efforts by the Islamic Emirate and Pakistani agreement.

He said that from now on, passengers and commercial caravans are allowed to travel through this passage from eight in the morning until four in the evening.

Some economic experts say that Pakistan deliberately reopened its crossings with Afghanistan at a time when the fruit and vegetable harvest season in Afghanistan has arrived, and most of these products have either rotted near the crossings in the hope of being transported to Pakistan or to farmers. The compulsion and the impossibility of exporting it, they have sold it at a low price in the domestic markets.

Currently, Torkham crossing is open to passengers and commercial caravans, but it is not clear whether it will be closed again or not.


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