Daesh Attack on Holy Islamic Place Makes Dozens of Families Mournful

Friday November 25, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Kabul was once again shocked by a heavy explosion the other day and claimed lives of large number of innocent worshipping Muslims. This explosion happened at a time that large number of people were gathered in Baqerul Oloom religious madrasa in the 6th district to celebrate the 40th day of Emam Hussein martyrdom and were praying to Allah the Almighty. In this barbaric attack over 27 Muslims were martyred and approximately 60 injured. Daesh murderers claimed responsibility of this terrorist attack. This was not the first attack that Daesh claimed its responsibility. Daesh had already claimed responsibility of another terrorist, barbaric attack on Roshnayee movement really in which large number of innocent people were killed. Why Daesh want to carry out such attacks? Experts say that it is clear that Daesh doesn’t tolerate unity among the Afghan tribes and creates distance and disagreement among our brother tribes with these inhumane attacks. Daesh wants to involv these Afghan brother tribes with each other like Iraq and Syria who are blood thirsty of each other.
The Afghan presidential palace strongly condemns this attack and described it as inflaming the fire of disagreement among Afghans. Now it is upon the Afghan to join hands with each other and ovoid disunity and eliminate the Daesh killers with support of ANSF. Because Daesh is also a group connected to those secret services who have ignited the devastating fire in Afghanistan since over three decades. According to American authorities, majority of Daesh fighters who are currently fighting in Afghanistan against ANSF, are members of Tehrik-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP) who have boycotted the TTP as per demand of ISI and have joined Daesh in Afghanistan. Although the ANSF have inflicted heavy casualties to Daesh but despite of that they are still trying to create disunity among residing Afghan tribes with their cowardice attack. The ANSF claim that have suppressed Daesh forces and have accelerated their operation for their full elimination. In favor of their masters the Daesh want to keep warm the battlefields in proxy war of Arabs and Iranians. The Afghan must know to support ANSF for elimination of this group.
The Afghan president has clearly called attacks against holy Islamic palace frank enmity with Islam and Afghan people and efforts for creating disunity. CE has also condemned this incident and addressed it as a terrorist act. The US embassy has strongly condemned this attack and attributed it to enemies of peace and development who never respect humanism and Islam. All these happened at a time that roughly forty days ago a suicide attack in Sakhi Shrine, Kabul took place in which over 14 people were killed and 43 injured. Daesh has also claimed responsibility of attack while Taliban spokesman had also condemned this attack and said that Taliban were not involved in this attack. It should be said that the Daesh blood thirsty insurgents cannot create disunity among Afghans with these attacks. The Afghans have always been united and Daesh would be accountable against Afghans and Allah. Daesh want to extend its presence into southern provinces of Afghanistan despites of sustaining heavy blows.

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