Daesh Top Commander Among 7 Rebels Killed In Koot District

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Jalalabad City (BNA) Mullah Sajid resident of Pakistan and the top leader of Daesh insurgents targeted and killed with his 7 men by NATO drone attack in Koot district, eastern Nangarhar province yesterday.
Atahullah Khogyani spokesperson of Nangarhar governor told BNA, in the drone attack general commander of Daesh killed with his 7 men in Koot district.
He added, Mullah Sajid had active in most terrorist and destructive activities of the group in Koot district.
According to another report, three Daesh fighters were killed due to ambush of Taliban in Acheen district of Nangarhar province.
The Daesh loyalists escaping from Afghan security forces, which faced with Taliban ambush.

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