Dozens of People Arrested in Connection of Criminal Offenses in Herat

Kabul (BNA) Officials at the Islamic Emirate in Herat have announced the arrest of dozens of people in connection with their involvement in criminal offenses in the province.

These individuals were identified and detained during the last month of inspections and operations by Herat intelligence agents from the city and a number of districts.

Sabet Heravi, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate’s intelligence service in Herat, told reporters yesterday  that the detainees were accused of kidnapping, armed robbery, and misuse of the Islamic Emirate’s name.

He said that the cases of these forty people have been sent to the judiciary.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Herat are worried about the increase in criminal incidents.

Sabet Heravi, senior member of the intelligence department of the Islamic Emirate of Herat, says they have stepped up efforts to curb criminal offenses.


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