Dozens People Graduated From Health Sciences in Farah

Farah (B NA) 43 people were graduated from Ghazanfar Health Sciences Department of Farah yesterday.

According to BNA, in a meeting held on this occasion, Mawlavi Muzammil, the head of the Farah Public Health Department, and a number of Islamic Emirate officials of the province and dozens of graduates’ relatives attended.

Dr. Mahtabuddin, head of Berya Institute of Health Sciences and director of the Ghazanfar State Institute of the province, said: 43 male and female graduated from Farah after spending 3 years studying pharmacy and Ghazanfar Health Sciences.

He said that today the number of nurses in the country is less active than the countries in the region, and efforts are underway to intensify activities in this area.

Recently, a number of Islamic Emirate officials congratulated these graduates and asked them not to hesitate wherever the field of work is favorable for them.

They added that there is no security threat to nurses’ activities in the country, so any graduate of the field can practice medicine for the sake of the community


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