Drugs Mafia Aren’t Arrested, Muqbel

Wednesday October 2, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MoCN) has conducted a two day assessment meetings to evaluate activities and struggle of the concerned ministry with regard to elimination drug trafficking.
Zarar Ahmad Muqbel , Minister of Counter Narcotics has expressed distress that main drug mafia and their collaborators aren’t arrested and they commute here and there freely without any hesitation and those who have been arrested on charge of drug smuggling are simple workers and lacking enough reputation in dealing the menace and until now major landlords who are cultivating opium on their fields have been arrested.
For instance a landlord by cultivating poppy on 1.5 acres lands receive more than 2,000 kg opium while another person who is arrested with 2kg heroin or poppy are sentenced from 10 to 15 years in jail and the main coordinator isn’t arrested.
The Minister of Counter Narcotics declared insecurity, lack of law and lack of coordination and harmony between the concerned organs as main factors that have overshadowed effective combat of Ministry of Counter Narcotics to eliminate the humiliated phenomena from the country.
Baz Mohammad Ahmadi, Deputy Minister of Interior said that lack of coordination between the responsible organs is the central factor that has prevented effective war on drug smuggling.
The Minister of Counter Narcotics announced southern province of Helmand, Kandahar, Uruzgan and eastern Nangarhar province as insecure regions where drug cultivation have received tangible growth this year.
Based on the statistics, last year 154,000 hectors lands were cultivated, but the Ministry of Counter Narcotics has said that current year’s statistics yet to come.
Base on the statement of the Ministry of Counter Narcotics, during the current year,from among ten big drug mafia members, only two of them have been arrested and other eight yet to be detained.
Field analysts believe that in several regions in the country farmers prefer to cultivate poppy instead of wheat.
According to the Islamic perspectives, cultivation of poppy with illegal purposes is a crime.
Already thousands of Afghan youth even the women and children are suffering from addictions.
In the meantime, the people criticize government efforts for elimination of drug and say that the efforts conducted by the concerned institutions in this respect weren’t adequate.
This came after the counter narcotics police offered 136 sacrifices of their personnel this year while combating the menace in different parts of the country and the last at least 131 police personnel killed during anti-drug campaigns.

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