Duty Negligence and Inaction of Officials Is Not Acceptable: Chairman of Kabul Municipal Commission:

Kabul (BNA) Mawlavi Hamdullah Nomani, Chairman of the Kabul Municipal Commission, today reviewed the performance of a number of Kabul district officials.

According to BNA, the chairman of the Kabul Municipal Commission, after receiving numerous complaints from the citizens of Kabul, examined the performance of a number of officials in Kabul districts and stressed that the negligence and lack of work of the officials is not acceptable.

Mawlavi Nomani stated that the current situation of providing services to the officials is not acceptable to the citizens and leadership of this institution and   if the things do not improve, you will soon see  a series of changes in these officials.

He also called on the authorities to make serious efforts to provide better services in order to ensure proper urban order and, on the other hand, to use the resources of Kabul Municipality effectively in order to meet the needs of the citizens.


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