“Efforts Are Made To Prevent Loya Jirgah (Grand Assembly) So The Security Treaty Is Signed With Close Eyes”: Faizi

Monday July 15, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Emal Faizi Presidential spokesperson reacting to the remarks of the cooperation Shura (council) of parties and political coalitions as if the President intends to suspend the upcoming elections and by holding of Loya Jirgah wants to remain in power, said that holding of the Loya Jirgah is only for taking decision about the security agreement between Afghanistan and the US and at this Jirgah, the People of Afghanistan across the country will take final decision on this treaty.
He added that in the past too, some baseless rumors were raised prior to holding of security Jirgah and the Consultative Jirgah with respect to strategic cooperation treaty between Afghanistan and the US that became known they were baseless.
Faizi emphasized that some are trying that by destructing the Loya Jirgah that is the highest manifestation of people’s will, the security agreement to be signed with closed-eyes and without the decision of the people of Afghanistan.
He stressed that the government of Afghanistan has emphasized on several occasions that it is decisive for holding a transparent and just elections without any foreign interventions in its due date.
Faizi added that the security agreement with the US is a national issue and a destiny-making for Afghanistan, it requires that the people of Afghanistan from all parts of the country, the National Assembly, Provincial Council members, political parties to attend a national Jirgah and to make the final decision on the issue.

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