100 Bln Afs Collected From the Country’s Customs this Year


KABUL (BNA) The country’s Finance Ministry says that in the last 11 months of the current fiscal year, 100 billion Afghanis in revenue has been collected from the country’s customs.

The revenue collected is unprecedented in the terms of taxes collection in Afghanistan’s customs, said the Ministry adding that in the previous regime, it was 72 billion Afghanis, based on last reports.

Although the customs tariff for food has been reduced by 68% there is still one month left before the end of the fiscal year, the customs revenue has reached 100 billion Afghanis, said the Ministry.

Appointing of professional and committed employees in customs, zero corruption, and complete transparency in affairs termed behind the success in revenue collection by the Ministry.

According to the Ministry, all the country’s customs offices operate twenty-four a day to speed up the trend of commercial goods and to prevent any delays.

The Ministry in its statement reaffirms providing standard facilities to businessmen so that the national customs revenues will be transferred to the government treasury with more transparency.


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