1,000 Houses Provided with Electricity in Past 3 Months in Ghazni

KABUL (BNA) Local officials of the Ghazni Electricity Department say that over the past three months, around 1,000 families in the province have been provided with electricity in different parts of the city and this process will continue.

Head of the electricity department in Ghazni Haji Saleh Mohammad Wardak said in an exclusive interview with Bakhtar News Agency, that in the last three months, four transformers with high power supply capacity have been installed in different parts of the city and thousands of houses benefited after the installation.

Wardak said, the transformers have been installed in Roza, Moghlan, and Nawababad of Ghazni city, which have a capacity of 160 to 400 kilowatts, most of which are used by the locals.

Meanwhile, residents of Ghazni praised the efforts of the electricity department and called on the authorities to extend the process so that the people could have access to electricity and the revenue of the power department could be increased.

Residents of Ghazni are also urging the power department to make the necessary preparations to end the power outage.


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