140 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Anti-Terror Operations in Nangarhar

Jalalabad (BNA) As the counter-terrorism operation in Nangarhar enters its 14th day, senior security officials in east claim that they have killed 140 members of the Taliban and wounded at least 44 others.

Security officials also say that the security forces has captured dozens of villages in Shirzad and Hesarak districts, clear the area where the military operation was launched from the Taliban.

Anti-terror operations in Shirzad and Hesarak districts of Nangarhar were launched fourteen days ago simultaneously with the participation of hundreds of troops and the support of country’s air force, and are still ongoing.

Selab Army Corps in east of the country also reported in Nangarhar Media Office that since the start of the military operation, one hundred and forty Taliban members were killed and forty-four other militants were wounded.

The newsletters confirm that a number of Pakistani members of the Taliban and its leaders are among the killed and wounded.

The villagers welcomed the counter-terrorism operation and called on the government to deploy troops in their areas to provide adequate living space and construction.

Senior security officials in east of the country say they are setting up bases in every large area cleared of insurgents in Shirzad and Hesarak to improve governance, development and people’s lives.

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