18 Afghan Migrants Bodies will be Transferred to the Country From Bulgaria: MoFA

KABUL (BNA) The Afghanistan Embassy in Bulgaria taksed to take action after the completion of the forensic investigation to transfer of the bodies of the 18 Afghan migrants from Bulgaria, said Foreign Ministry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan says that the Afghan Embassy in Bulgaria task to coordinate on the transfer of the bodies of 18 Afghans who were found in a truck in that country.

The Islamic Emirate provides the ground for the transfer of bodies and has provide a special flight to facilitate their transfer.

The identities of 17 victims have been specified, and investigations are underway to identify one more person, who will be transferred to Afghanistan after the identification.

A few days back, a number of Afghan immigrants who were planning to take off to Europe died in a truck in Bulgaria due to lack of oxygen and other problems, and several others were transferred to the hospital in a bad state of health.


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