200 Historical Citadel Discovered in Baghlan

BAGHLAN (BNA) A historical citadel has been discovered in Jalga district by the general management of protection of cultural heritage, says local officials of Information and Culture department of the province.

The General Manager of Cultural Heritage Protection of Baghlan Department of Information and Culture Karimdad Rahimi, told BNA that the mentioned Citadel is called (Chuni) or Caravanserai, which is located on the Silk Road and its historical preservation is from More than 200 years have been estimated.

The citadel has four towers and a mosque in the middle, which can still be seen in a ruined form, which belongs to the era of Amir Abdul Rahman Khan.

Meanwhile, the Head of Information and Culture of Baghlan, Mawlavi Asadullah Mustafa Hashemi, said it is possible that there would be dozens of other historical places in this land, called Baghlan an ancient province.

He asked the officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture to send experts to Baghlan for the stabilization and restoration of this historical place.

It most be said that almost 30 places and historical artifacts have been registered in Baghlan so far.


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