2,000 Houses to be Built for Southeast Quake Victims

KABUL (BNA) 2,000 residential houses, Worth 13 million USD, will be built for southeast earthquake victims, said officials at the Ministry of Disaster Management, on Sunday.

The Deputy Minister for the Disaster Management Ministry, Mawlavi Sharafuddin Muslim, discussed in a meeting the construction process of 2,000 residential houses for the earthquake victims of the southeast with Syed Shafiq Altaf, head of the “Agency for Humanitarian and Development Assistance for Afghanistan” (AHDAA) organization, said a statement.

Deputy Muslim, reminding the tragedy in the Gyan district of Paktia said a survey team of engineers was sent to the sites to evaluate the reconstruction of houses and after presenting their opinions the technical team of “Seismology” will be given construction permission in the Gyan district.

He said the construction of houses has been started by a number of institutions in some districts where the incident took place and the process will continue.

Meanwhile, Syed Shafiq Altaf, the head of AHDAA said that the organization plans to build 2,000 residential houses for the victims of the recent earthquake in Paktika and Khost at a cost of 12.8 million US dollars.

On June 22 an earthquake hit Paktika and Khost, which killed more than 1000 people, and injured 3000, and about 17 thousand residential houses were completely or partially destroyed.


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