24,000 Voluntarily Working with ARCS

KABUL (BNA) Th Afghan Red Crescent Society is the basis and backbone of a society, says officials of the organization honoring the “International Volunteers Day”

On the International Volunteers Day, Mawlavi Matiul Haq Khalis, the head of the Afghan Red Crescent Soceity, and a number of volunteers were honored by the Afghan Red Crescent Society.

Khalis, the general president of Afghan Red Crescent Society, spoke on the value of volunteer activities, adding that volunteer work is a religious, human and moral duty.
He said Volunteers are the basis and backbone of this society, they identify the needy of the society, listen to people’s problems and represent the society.

According to him, Currently, 24,000 people across the country are active in voluntary work with Afghan Red Crescent Society.


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