2,500 Acres of Land Freed from Expropriation in Zabul

KABUL (BNA) Officials of the Justice Department of Zabul say that they have freed 2500 acres of land in the province from the grabs of usurpers.

The provincial head of Zabul Justice department Mawlawi Abdul Wares Khalil told BNA that with the return of the Islamic Emirate, 2,500 acres of government land, including houses, has been freed from the grabs of usurpers in that province so far.

Mawlawi Khalil said that department started the distribution of licenses for the business of transactions, through which the department collected revenue.

Residents of Zabul praise the efforts of the Department of Justice and add that their legal claims have been resolved on time and without any delay.

In the wake of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan sovereignty, years of problems and legal claims between the people have been addressed as routine in the province of Zabul said local officials of the province.


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