2,716 Employees of Ex-Govt Appointed To The Ministry Of Interior

KABUL (BNA) Afghan Interior Ministry shared information on the Ministry’s accomplishments during a year based on the government’s accountability to the nation through media today, Sunday.

During a press conference the officials at the Ministry of Interior gives details about the Ministry one year accomplishment and achievement, officials at the Ministry said that in the past year, the prevention of criminal offenses, the fight against drugs, and the ensuring security has taken quick steps and has achieved significant results in these areas.

In the annual report of the Ministry’s achievements, it was stated that a total of 8,730 criminal cases were recorded in the country last year, of which 7,451 were detected and 1279 of them are under investigation.

1,492 people were arrested, of which 1,255 were accused of criminal offenses and 2,37 of them were accused of disrupting security, officials added.

47,466 drug addicts have been sent to health centers for the purpose of the Ministry of Interior’s fight against drugs, according to the Ministry report.

In order to protect the security of historical and national projects in the country, there is a special unit in coordination with the Ministry of Information and Culture and currently, it is protecting 53 national and historical projects in 7 provinces of the country, the source added.

The Ministry adds that in the past year, 42,226 Mujahideen and 2,716 employees of the ex-government have been assigned to various military posts.

A total of 4197 employees of the interior have received short-term, long-term, basic, and special training said the Ministry officials.

The officials of the Ministry of Interior say that in the last one year, they have conducted 1,551 military operations, as a result of which 2,43 enemies of the country died, 72 were injured and 314 others surrendered to the forces of the Islamic Emirate.

In the last, the Ministry reported the collection of a total of 4.7 billion Afghanis in revenue and handed it over to the state treasury.


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