32,000 Positive Cases of Aids Registered In The Country: MoPH

KABUL (BNA) Officials of the Ministry of Public Health say that they do not have enough facilities to diagnose and treat AIDS, they state the issue on the occasion of World AIDS Day.

In Afghanistan, more than three thousand people, including children and women, are infected with the disease, mostly through blood transfusions, and most of the addicts are infected with the disease.

The Deputy Minister of Public Health, Habibullah Akhundzada said: “In Afghanistan, 3,200 cases of AIDS have been recorded, of which 75% are men and 25% are women”.

Officials at Ministry of Public Health says that the lack of standardized facilities has made them face various challenges.

Nevertheless, the officials of the Ministry of Public Health urge that they have plans to fight this disease, and public awareness is one of their schedules of plans.


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