37,323 Work Permits Issued to Domestic, Foreign Nationals

KABUL (BNA) Deputy Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs says: In one year, thirty-seven thousand three hundred and twenty-three work permits have been distributed to domestic and foreign nationals.

The deputy minister for Labor and Social Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan its accountability program to the public today, Monday, said: “In order to ​​reduce the level of unemployment, poverty, and facilitating the ministry strives to create job opportunities and provide better social security services,”.

“Thousands of people will be employed with the opening of the Ghush Tapae Canal Sar-e-Pul oil and gas extraction, Mes Aynak copper extraction, and the new Kabul construction project, which will have a positive effect on reducing unemployment.”

He rejected Sigar’s recent report about the loss of jobs of 900,000 Afghan citizens saying it’s incorrect and unrealistic.

37,323 pieces of work permits for domestic citizens and 1,297 for foreign citizens have been issued by the ministry, and more than 31 million Afghanis have been collected from the department, he said.

The ministry has a plan to collect drug addicts, provide technical and vocational training for unemployed people, and prevent children from hard work, he added.

According to him, 7,500 orphans are being cared for in 10 orphanages in the center and provinces, and 2,664 needy families have been assisted, including cash and food items.

He reminded that the ministry has trained and introduced 597 people to the labor market in the field of technical and vocational training courses.

He said the plan for collecting the beggars from Kabul streets has been approved by the cabinet, adding the process soon will start.


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