3rd Hoot uprising, turning point in Kabul people freedom campaigns, Raheen

Kabul (BNA)  Uprising of Kabul people on Hoot3, 1358 (1980, February-22) was a turning point in the patriotism and Islamic campaigns of the Kabul people, speaking in a gathering held on this occasion, Dr. Sayed Makhdoom Raheen, Minister or Information and Culture and Chairman for Kabul Throughout People Council said.  He said the Muslim people of Afghanistan started the holy Jehad against the Red Army in Kabul city from the university.  Although the uprising was not successful, but it resulted in message to be convoyed to others groups in the capital and provinces of the country.  In the ceremony, MP Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Rahmani, Hashmatullah Hashimi, spokesperson of Kabul people’s council Mohammad Zakir Shaikhzada also spoke related to the issue.  Pointing out burning of some copies of the Holy Quran, Mawlavi Abdul Rahman said, “we can’t tolerate the crime.” Later, Hashmatullah Hashimi said, “The regional intelligence might have been involved in the issue.  Therefore, the people should act scholarly and don’t let the relations be stained between the people and international forces.  Based on another report, members of Afghan foundation for liberals marked 3rd Hoot, the uprising day of Kabul people in a ceremony here in Kabul.  Speaking in the ceremony, Jalal Jalal, head of the foundation said, “Uprising the Kabul people both male and female on 3rd day of Hoot, 1358 was intended as their holy faith and real liberties of Kabul people.

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