4 Abductors Arrested in Nimroz

NIMROZ (BNA) The provincial Police of Nimroz inform of the arrest of four people in a case of kidnapping in that province.

Mawlavi Abdul Ali Abu Basir, a local police official of Nimroz said: “Gul Agha was arrested along with three others on charge of kidnapping his sister and son-in-law in that province.”

The detainee confessed to his crime in the first police investigations, he added.

Gul Agha said in his primary investigation that he had kidnapped his sister, so she could get a divorce from her husband.

According to the police of Nimroz, a vehicle, three guns, and a handgun were also recovered from the detainees.

The police of Nimroz asked the people to cooperate with police to prevent criminal and security crimes.


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