5 Abductors Arrested in Nimroz

NIMROZ (BNA) The security of forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, during a special operation arrested 5 abductors, said local security officials of the Nimroz.

The police commander of the province, Shah Wali Zarar told BNA correspondent that the police personnel of the Nimroz rescued the businessman from the grip of kidnappers in Zaranj city on Friday.

The abductors kidnaped the man 19 days back said police of the province, adding that they have arrested five people on-charge with the case.

According to another news, 4 people were arrested on charges of robbery in Balkh, two vehicles and some other stolen items were also recovered from the arrested persons, added to the report.

It must be said that since the Islamic Emirate regain sovereignty in the country the crime rate decreased in the country.


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