Work Construction of 3 Health Centers Starts in Helmand

HELMAND (BNA) The work construction of three health centers funded by financial support from international donors started in Helmand province.

These centers are being constructed in the remote region of the Musa Qala district of the province.

The work construction of three health center treatments started in Mussa Qala on Wednesday. said public health officials to BNA.

Although these health treatment centers will be completed in six months the main goal is to build maternity wards to save newborn babies from fatality. said, local health officials.

After construction, these health centers will be equipped with advanced medical devices, and drugs, plus healthcare workers will be hired. Helmand public health department Add.

Local residents say, they had to travel to Lashkargah the capital of the province because there is no medical treatment center in their residency which traveling was too costly for them and many were unable to afford the cost.


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