A 40m USD of Humanitarian Aid Package Arrived Kabul

KABUL (BNA) Da Afghanistan Bank says today, Sunday a package of 40 million USD in humanitarian aid cash arrived Kabul.

The package delivered as a part of humanitarian aid series to Afghanistan, said Da Afghanistan in his statement.

The humanitarian aid of the international community welcomed by Da Afghanistan bank officials and called for the continuation of the aid.

The bank has welcomed the entry of currencies into the country through principled and legal means, while admiring the humanitarian aid of the international community, it has requested better banking relations in other financial and banking sectors with Afghanistan.

According to the bank following the series of aid package this is the 33rd aid package that reaches Kabul in the form of cash and is delivered to one of the commercial banks in the country.

The latest package of 32 million USD arrived in Afghanistan in July 7 and was transferred to one of the country’s commercial banks.

Since the collapse of ex-government, based delivery of humanitarian aid from donor countries to Afghanistan, 33 packages of cash aid have reached the country so far, according to reports.


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