A fire Break out Damaged financial losses in Afghan, Iran Border

KABUL (BNA) A fire break out on the shared border of Afghanistan and Iran caused in huge financial losses.

The incident took place, Sunday late, e in Makki region, on the shared border between Afghanistan and Iran.

Reports says that in the incident, more than 20 tractors and several vehicles of residents on both sides of the border were burnt and caused huge financial losses to them, and several people were injured.

The cause of this incident has not been stated yet, but the occurrence of such incidents in border areas is not fresh.

Customs areas and areas in Herat, Farah and Nimroz have witnessed such incidents several times.

Negligence and lack of safety equipment have caused such accidents.

The past accidents were mostly caused by the negligence of oil tanker drivers.

On Sunday’s accident started in Nimroz with oil spilling out from a tractor and its scope expanded.


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