A Mob of Women’s Rights Activist Stage a Protest on-demand to Unfreeze Afghanistan Monetary

Kabul (BNA) Women’s rights and civil society activists today in a gathering in Kabul announced their support from Islamic Emirate and called for the release of Afghanistan’s frozen monetary.

According to BNA, Women’s rights activists, dozens of the activists, called the Hijab a religious obligation, saying that the hijab gives dignity and immunity to women in Islam and asked Women of our country to observe the Islamic Hijab in order to remain honored and safe.

Basira didar, a protester commenting “We want the international community to recognize the Islamic Emirate and we want the U.S to release the frozen monetary that belongs to all the suffering people of Afghanistan and the U.S has no right to take the money of Afghanistan’s people,” said Basira. The U.S has no right to hand our money as compensation for the victims of the 11th of September.

On behalf of Afghan women, she supported the Islamic Emirate rule and said that we women want the rule of the Islamic Emirate to survive and we are a partner for this rule.

Bakhtar news agency

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