A New Stadium Opened for Disabled Athletes in Herat

Kabul (BNA) A stadium has opened in Herat province for disabled athletes, the stadium has the capacity of hundreds of audiences, in the meantime, Volleyball and basketball games will be played in this stadium.
The stadium alongside played ground has the capacity of heating rooms, locker rooms, green area, and parking.
The International Committee of Red Crescent (ICRC) has built this stadium for disabled athletes, sources of the committee of Red Crescent in Afghanistan have told BNA, “The disabled athletes through these sports have gotten many skills and their independence and they will be an ideal for others”.
The sports office of Herat said this stadium for new educators in sports and competition matches of disability athletes has been converted.
A disabled basketballer Esmatullah Herati was very happy and said a special stadium for the disabled athlete is an inspiration for them.


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