A Water Supply Network with a cost of 2.7m Afs Inaugurated in Daikundi

NEELY (BNA) A drinkable water supply network has been inaugurated in Mahajreen town of Neely in Daikundi, local officials said Saturday.

In a meeting held on this occasion attended by the governor of Daikundi Haji Ameenullah Obaid, civil and military officials, residents of the area, and journalists in the Mahajreen town of Neely city, Bakhtar News Agency reported.

The project was funded by the UNHCR organization in cooperation with an Afghan Construction and Engineering Company at a cost of more than 2.8 million afghanis. The problem of shortage of drinking water for households has been solved.

According to local officials in the Neely district of the province with the launching of the water supply network, 7 thousand of family’s shortages of water will be meet.

Daikundi’s refugee resettlement director Bostan Amiri said the project, with a capacity of 420 cubic meters, had two water wells and two water reservoirs, which would meet the shortage of drinkable water in the Neely Mahajreen town.


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