About 1.7 Bln Dollars Collected in Revenue in last 10 Months:Arg

KABUL (BNA) The Deputy Prime Minister’s office for Economic affairs says that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with substantial management in the economic sector has been able to make more significant achievements in some fields corresponding to last year.

In the last ten months of the current year, about 1.7 billion dollars have been collected and the export level has risen to 1.7 billion dollars.

A report by the office of Deputy prime minister b for economic affairs said with the efforts of the Islamic Emirate, the collapse of the banking sector has been deterred and the trust of the citizens is increasing day by day.

Despite the continued freezing of financial support and restrictions in the country’s banking sector, the value of the “Afghani” against foreign currencies has been kept constant, and certain steps have been taken in the field of electronic governance, the report added.

About eight hundred thousand government employees receive their salaries from the internal revenue budget every month, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the World Bank has said in its latest report that the price of food and fuel products has decreased in Afghanistan, the value of the Afghani has remained stable against foreign currencies, and the amount of exports has increased significantly.


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