Above 3,000 beggars collect in Kabul city

KABUL (BNA) Under supreme leader decree the committee to collect beggars today, Monday announced the collection of 3,048 beggars from the capital Kabul city.
The press office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic affairs in a statement to Bakhtar News Agency said that among the collected beggars, 2,109 are women, and after evaluation, 629 of them are eligible to received aid according to the new policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the other 1,480 are identified as professional beggars.
According to the statement, among the collected eggars 283 men, after evaluation, 60 of them are eligible and the other 223 are professional beggars.
656 children were included among the mentioned beggars, 269 of them were eligible and 370 of them were professional beggars, the statement further said.
Meanwhile, 17 headless children have been sent to educational centers by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
It notable that all the collected deserving beggars have been transferred to the Afghan Red Crescent Society and the necessary assistance has been given to them by the responsible organizations.

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