Acting Ambassador of IEA in Qatar Attends Anniversary of UN Day

KABUL (BNA) Acting Ambassador of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Mohammad Naeem residing in Doha, participated in the celebration of the anniversary of the United Nations Day by the official invitation of the Ministry of Foreign of Qatar.

Dr. Ahmed bin Hassen Al Hammadi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign of Qatar, Mrs. Maryam bint Abdullah Al Attiyah, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Committee, Salah Khalid, the UNESCO representative for the Gulf in Doha, officials and representatives of various departments of the United Nations and officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar were attended the anniversary, said the Afghan Embassy in Qatar.

Ambassadors and representatives of foreign countries, professors and academic personalities and journalists participated in this meeting, added to the Embassay press release.


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